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American Funeral Director, the leading independent trade magazine for funeral directors and other funeral service professionals, is in its 134th year of publication, continuously featuring content pertaining to cremation, preneed, funeral business topics, professional vehicles, computers/software, insurance, funeral service history, business tips/tools and other content of specific interest to those working inside and allied to the profession.
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In January's Issue

  • Our Own Hero In 2008, Annette March-Grier founded Roberta's House, a safe place for families and children to heal, in her Baltimore community. Last year, her efforts led her to be named one of CNN's 2014 Heroes.
    By Lisa Howard-Fusco

  • A New Reed in Town When the man who has led Physicians Mutual for the past 40 years announced plans to step down as president and CEO, he didn't have to look far for his successor.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • New Year, New Marketing Funeral home marketing continues to be a complex subject that requires us to consider a wide variety of variables, including constantly changing demographics, consumer preferences and marketplace conditions.
    By Alyssa McNab

  • 2015: The Year of the Technology Odyssey With the new year comes the annual task of looking back at last year's resolutions and coming up with new and lofty goals.
    By Kristin Fettig

  • Prep Arts in the New Year Whether you're a new embalmer or a veteran, there are always new things to learn.
    By Lance Ray

  • How Aftercare Programs Help Funeral Homes Barbara Jackson didn't think she needed grief support ... until she did.
    By Sharon Verbeten

  • Why Embalming Still Matters Type the word "embalming" into any search engine, and you'll find an array of information on the subject. What you won't find is why it is still done.
    By Lisa Howard-Fusco

  • Funeral Pro Chat LIn this occasional series, funeral professionals discuss funeral trends, news and customs. This month, funeral director Joe Sanchez talks with Steven C. Turner on changing Latino funeral traditions.

  • Industry Roundtable – Design There are many things a funeral owner must consider that bottom line ... including the itself and what impression.
    By Lisa Howard-Fusco

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Association of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
  • Silver Award Special Section, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Gold Award Publication Re-design, 2004
  • Silver Award Best News Article, "Start Scrubbing Your Call Lists,” September 2003
United Communications Group (UCG)
  • First Place Good Writing, "After the Fire," April 2007
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Rosa Parks: Making History in Life and Death," January 2006
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "When War Hits Home," December 2006
  • Second Place Good Writing, "Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "Timothy E. Ryan Home for Funerals Profile,” August 2005
Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA)
  • Second Place Best Investigative Reporting: "Clayton Smart Saga"
  • First Place Best Spot/Exclusive News Story: “Case Closed,” December 2005
  • Honorable Mention Best Exclusive News Story: “Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005