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American Funeral Director, the leading independent trade magazine for funeral directors and other funeral service professionals, is in its 134th year of publication, continuously featuring content pertaining to cremation, preneed, funeral business topics, professional vehicles, computers/software, insurance, funeral service history, business tips/tools and other content of specific interest to those working inside and allied to the profession.
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In May's Issue

  • Saying Goodbye ... with a Drink in Hand Some funeral homes are beginning to offer alcohol service as a way to satisfy customer demand. But be careful about what you wish for, others in the business warn.
    By Steve Cronin

  • How to Sell More Preneed Contracts To me, selling preneed is easy. The tough part is finding the people that will talk to you about buying a preneed contract.
    By Daniel M. Isard

  • Building Preneed Success A successful preneed program is an integral part of any successful business. It doesn't happen by accident, though.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Industry Roundtable – Education There is no question that funeral service is changing, but are the funeral professionals of tomorrow getting the education they need to serve consumers?
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Saying Goodbye to "63" It was a crime that stripped a Kentucky town of its sense of security. But in the days following a young boys death, the community came together to celebrate his life.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Everyone Looks Up to This Gravedigger James "Big Jim" Darby is the perfect choice for ICCFA's Lasting Impact Award.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Funerals of the Famous While he may have been portrayed as an elitist, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's roots were decidedly middle class.
    By Alexandra Kathryn Mosca

  • What Do You Want Me to Do if You Die? As a funeral director, you have the opportunity to initiate conversations that start by asking a simple question.
    By Ann Marie St. George

  • What's the Best Bonus? There are lots of options when it comes to motivating employees, but cash might not be the best choice, experts say.
    By Steve Cronin

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Association of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
  • Silver Award Special Section, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Gold Award Publication Re-design, 2004
  • Silver Award Best News Article, "Start Scrubbing Your Call Lists,” September 2003
United Communications Group (UCG)
  • First Place Good Writing, "After the Fire," April 2007
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Rosa Parks: Making History in Life and Death," January 2006
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "When War Hits Home," December 2006
  • Second Place Good Writing, "Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "Timothy E. Ryan Home for Funerals Profile,” August 2005
Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA)
  • Second Place Best Investigative Reporting: "Clayton Smart Saga"
  • First Place Best Spot/Exclusive News Story: “Case Closed,” December 2005
  • Honorable Mention Best Exclusive News Story: “Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005