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American Funeral Director, the leading independent trade magazine for funeral directors and other funeral service professionals, is in its 134th year of publication, continuously featuring content pertaining to cremation, preneed, funeral business topics, professional vehicles, computers/software, insurance, funeral service history, business tips/tools and other content of specific interest to those working inside and allied to the profession.
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In July's Issue

  • Blazing a Trail There's a new sheriff in town, and she's wearing a black suit and high-heeled shoes.
    By Lauren Moore

  • Listening to Cremation XX In his 20th study, David Nixon reveals that while cremation rates continue to rise, too many firms are remaining behind the times.
    By David Nixon

  • Chain of Custody The cremation process is irreversible, so it is incumbent upon funeral professionals to get it right every time.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Choosing the Right Benefits A good benefits plan is a high priority for many prospective employees, and choosing the right one for your business should be a high priority for employers.
    By Lauren Moore

  • Make it Count A resume alone will not get you hired, but if it is relevant and compelling enough, it will get your foot in the door.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • CANA Convention Preview While there are many reasons to attend the upcoming Cremation Association of North America Convention, one of the most important may be that it focuses solely on cremation.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Having 'The Talk' Books can provide a way to help explain death to children as well as help families understand and deal with grief and loss.
    By Sharon Verbeten

  • Industry Roundtable – Crematory Manufacturing As cremation rates continue to rise, our experts weigh in on what's going on in crematory manufacturing right now, and what the future holds for the industry.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Death Care Versus Life Care As death-care professionals, we have to find ways to bring people into our businesses in ways other than just for funerals and burials.
    By David Navarrete

  • Celebrating a Young Superhero In life, Brayden Denton was his mother's hero. It was fitting, then, that when the 5-year-old died, his mother would give her son a superhero send off .
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

In Every Issue


Association of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
  • Silver Award Special Section, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Gold Award Publication Re-design, 2004
  • Silver Award Best News Article, "Start Scrubbing Your Call Lists,” September 2003
United Communications Group (UCG)
  • First Place Good Writing, "After the Fire," April 2007
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Rosa Parks: Making History in Life and Death," January 2006
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "When War Hits Home," December 2006
  • Second Place Good Writing, "Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005
  • Third Place Best Interpretive/Analytical Reporting, "Katrina's Wake,” November 2005
  • Honorable Mention Good Writing, "Timothy E. Ryan Home for Funerals Profile,” August 2005
Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA)
  • Second Place Best Investigative Reporting: "Clayton Smart Saga"
  • First Place Best Spot/Exclusive News Story: “Case Closed,” December 2005
  • Honorable Mention Best Exclusive News Story: “Survivor Louisiana,” November 2005