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Kates-Boylston Introduces Noncompete Webinar

WALL, N.J. – Noncompete agreements can be essential in order to safeguard funeral home operations. That’s why owners and managers need to know how to approach them.

Such agreements do not always stand up in court, even after months of expensive and time-consuming litigation. While some owners shy away from asking employees to sign such agreements, others have found them to be a valuable tool to prevent key employees from skipping out the door with client lists, proprietary files and business strategies in hand.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a funeral home owner, manager of employee, you’ll learn key insights about such agreements on American Funeral Director’s Dec. 11 webinar, “Noncompete Agreements: What You Need to Know.” The webinar features Dan Isard, founder and president of The Foresight Companies in Phoenix, and Harvey I. Lapin, an attorney with Sachs Sax Caplan in Boca Raton, Fla.

“I am so very happy to be participating in the webinar on noncompete agreements,” Isard said. “I know that Harvey and I will make a very complicated legal, moral and business subject understandable to the webinar attendees with our content, visuals and handouts.”

Lapin added, “Noncompete agreements are usually one of the key agreements entered into in connection with the transfer of a industry business or the employment of a key executive.” He continued, “Discussing this subject with my good friend Dan Isard is going to be great fun and hopefully very informative to the audience.”

The webinar “Noncompete Agreements: What You Need to Know” will last about 60 minutes and will be held Dec. 11 at 3 p.m. EST. Registration costs $99. Sign up by calling 800-500-4585, visiting or by clicking here.

Posted Sept. 12

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