Industry News Offers New Way to Leave a Personalized Goodbye Message

SULLIVAN, Mo. – It wasn't long after attending several funerals of close friends and family in a short time period when Jan Knightand and Alba Carrico became inspired to create something that would make a difference in peoples' lives.

They had noticed the immediate family members of the deceased struggling with having to write and deliver the eulogy. While some eulogies were emotionally moving, others failed miserably. Many people struggle to recount a remarkable life story during such an emotional time.

Knight and Carrico came up with a technological solution – Now they are lifting the burden of writing and delivering a eulogy from grieving families by allowing each individual to deliver his or her own eulogy message.

"There is a great psychological and spiritual loss when a loved one dies. When family and friends walk away from a funeral, all that remains is a gravestone that says John Doe, 1966-2006," Carrico said. "That's hardly a tribute to someone who has lived, laughed, cried, struggled, and contributed his or her share to the continuity of the family, community, and culture. It's time that funerals join the electronic world with the rest of modern society."

Each eulogy is a digital memory that contains the individual's life history, as recorded by himself/herself with specific anecdotes to share with family and friends. The eulogy can display pictures, text, music, voice, and video depending on the creativity of the author. Any authorized executor can immediately access their loved one's video and share it during the funeral service, either via a laptop computer, mobile smartphone or by scanning a QR code specific to the video's URL. It can also be shared over the internet on any social network such as Facebook, Google+, etc., if that is what the author intended. maintains a central "on-line memorial plot" for each individual who joins. Each eulogy has a unique URL identifier, and each may carry a list of dates showing the most recent uploaded video message.

One could call a modern extension of the gravestone – one that tells the life story of the deceased, from their own lips.

Basic membership is free, but a $19.99 per year VIP membership is available that includes unlimited video uploads and the ability to make videos private. makes it easier for family and friends to find closure with a loved one's passing and provides them with a memory they can treasure and preserve for generations to come.

Posted Jan. 3


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