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Fountain National Academy Announces Scholarship Program for Embalmers

In August 2012 Vernie R. Fountain, founder of Fountain National Academy, announced at the Second Biennial International Embalming and Reconstructive Surgery Conference that FNA was developing a scholarship program specifically for licensed and qualified embalmers. To raise initial funds for the program, Fountain - a licensed auctioneer - conducted a live auction of donated items.

Fountain has appointed a panel of embalmers that will evaluate applications and oversee the program. Among other criteria, applicants will need to write an essay that explores and defines the values associated with embalming, reconstructive surgery viewing the body, visitations and/or wakes before final disposition. It should address the value of these services to the funeral home, embalmer, family and friends of the deceased. It should include ideas regarding how funeral service can better promote these values and educate the public - as well as funeral home owners - regarding the value of these services. Each applicant will be given the latitude to be creative and expand on their ideas and concerns for the future.

The program is expected to be functional and accepting applications in early 2013.

Applicants are not restricted to FNA programs or seminars but rather interested parties can apply for a variety of CEU programs such as but not limited to:

Programs approved by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) CEU programs & Conventions

Other National Funeral Service Associations CEU programs & Conventions

State Funeral Service Associations Conventions & CEU programs

Ohio Embalmers Association

Epsilon NU Delta, California Chapter

American Society of Embalmers

Dodge Institute Seminars

FNA Seminars and International Conferences

Others as approved by FNA

FNA requires that scholarship funds will only be used for educational programs that focus on embalming, reconstructive surgery with the goal of achieving viewing the decedent and the values of viewing and visitations/wakes before final disposition) For more information contact: Vernie R. Fountain at: or write to

Fountain National Academy of Professional Embalming Skills

2211 West Norton Road

Springfield, Missouri 65803

Fountain can also be reached by phone at 417-833-5130.

Posted Jan. 9, 2013


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