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Batesville Suspends Burial Vault Operations

Batesville is suspending its burial vault operations, it said in a March 18 statement.

Batesville’s innovative Endura burial vault was introduced in early 2011, and was complemented by the Engevity burial vault and a grave liner in 2012. Batesville marketed its products to licensed funeral homes in limited regions of the U.S. and Canada under a self-service model and as a full service offering in a few test regions.

“Over the past two years, Endura and Engevity have proven to be an asset to many funeral homes who appreciated the quality and durability of the unique material, the family-friendly features and overall value of this innovative product,” said Jason Burlage, Batesville vice president. Burlage explains that this was a difficult business decision based on an extensive analysis of the market demand for these products in relation to other areas of the company’s portfolio.

“Batesville is committed to making the right investments that will directly benefit our customers, the families they serve and that will move our industry forward,” said Burlage. “Innovation is, and will remain a key driver in the development of product and service offerings, but we must also ensure that we’re allocating our resources where they can deliver the most impact.”

The company has implemented a transition plan to ensure that all burial vault customers are notified of the change and have the information and support they need in the coming weeks and months. Customers who have questions should contact their local Batesville representative.

Posted March 18, 2013


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