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Cremation Systems Introduces Talk2Tom Cremation Forum

SOUTH HOLLAND, Ill. – Kevin Finnery, Cremation Systems president, has announced the introduction of Talk2Tom, a forum to get answers to cremation questions, according to a news release.

The forum features associates Tom Krowl and Tom Snyder, two leading industry experts as resources for answering questions crematory operators or customers may have about anything relating to cremation operations. The forum covers topics such as new products, equipment comparisons, ROI analysis, zoning and permitting, and other challenging subjects.

Krowl, a 30-plus year engineer with extensive experience in refractory and incineration applications brings a wealth of information on the technical side and Snyder, a 40-plus year funeral service veteran and past president of CANA has vast industry experience from the private and the public sector having held many executive positions during his career.

“It made sense to utilize their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our friends and customers,” Finnery said. “Providing this resource is consistent with our company’s history and goal of delivering unparalleled service with credible expert and reliable information."

Tom Krowl can be reached at and Tom Snyder at

For additional information on Cremation Systems, go to or call 708 339 6810.

Posted April 22


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