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Doric Products Releases New Presentation Tool for Funeral Directors

MARSHALL, Ill. – Doric Products has unveiled the first iPad app for burial vault selection, according to a news release.

There is a constant topic on the minds of funeral professionals these days regarding the way the industry is rapidly changing and that the times of traditional funeral planning is becoming a thing of the past. Funeral directors are looking towards innovative products and technologies to keep up with the new expectations of their customers. To help funeral directors fulfill these expectations, Doric has developed an application to help with presenting vaults and other burial items from the Doric product line to the families they serve. It is designed to aid funeral directors when talking about the features of each Doric product, why there is a necessity for these products and showcases the entire Doric product line.

Operating on the Apple iPad, the app has become a very diverse tool. The application works great in both preneed and at-need situations. One of the more obvious uses is for in-home visits due to its transportability. The ease of convenience and accessibility make it a great choice when traveling outside of the funeral home. At the touch of a fingertip you can access the entire Doric product line, get additional information about the products when families have questions, as well as have your pricing incorporated directly into the app.

The app also works as an impressive presentation aid. With the correct technology in place, the funeral director is able to display the app directly on their HDTV screen. This allows the funeral director to effortlessly show their vault products during an arrangement meeting to as many people as necessary. Whether it be a one on one meeting or a group setting, the funeral director does not need to worry about excluding anyone from the decision making process. For a more permanent installation, the operating device can be placed in the selection room to be used in a kiosk type of way or even mounted directly to a slatwall.

One of the key benefits of incorporating this application into your vault presentation is that it puts the funeral director in control. The funeral director can pick what to show based on the needs of the family and where the conversation leads them during the selection process. If a particular family has lots of question and wants to know all the details then that is available with just a simple touch of a finger. However, if the family does not want extensive information then you can skip right to the product selection.

The app is also customizable for each funeral home location, showing only the products that are available to that funeral home to sell. Doric felt this was a necessary feature given that not all areas of the country choose to offer the exact same product line.

For more information, call 1-888-55-DORIC.

Poted April 25


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