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Facultatieve Group Reports Strong Growth Numbers

Despite still difficult economic conditions, 'the Facultatieve Group' was once again able to generate impressive growth numbers in 2012, according to a news release.

Sales rose 21% to 106.3 million euros. The result after taxes showed an increase of 46% to 2.9 million euros. “With offices in ten countries and operations across the globe, our Group is exposed to all the global economic trends,” says Henry Keizer, President & CEO of 'the Facultatieve Group'. “We are really delighted that we managed such healthy growth despite all that. It just shows how much effort our staff put into their work and, of course, demonstrates our Group's strengths.”

In the reporting year, 'the Facultatieve Group' carried out 14,428 ceremonies, a rise of more than 10% compared to 2011 (13,097). Henry Keizer: “We see growth on all fronts and in all divisions and have reinforced the position of Facultatieve Technologies as global market leader. Our crematoria in Germany also experienced impressive growth over the financial year. In 2012, Hygeco Post Mortem Assistance transported over 16,000 deceased and carried out more than 100,000 thanatopraxy treatments (a mild form of embalming). We are of course delighted with these developments and are very confident for the future - regardless of how difficult it is right now to predict that future. But none of these developments happened by chance. Our staff across the globe put a great deal of effort into their work. We need to remain very alert and anticipate many different developments – and that's a big challenge.”

In late 2012, we reached agreement on the transfer of our insurance portfolio, and transferred it in early 2013. Keizer: “This type of financial services no longer reflects the strategies of the Group and that means having the courage to take a difficult decision. We have ensured that the interests of the insured are well protected. That was a very important consideration for us.”

The Facultatieve Group

The core activities of the Facultatieve Group (since 1874) are services and technology. With global activities and its own branches in ten countries, the Group operates in a wide range of areas: from automation to (international) transport of deceased, from publishing and embalming to the supply of products and services required by the funeral industry, hospitals and government institutions. The Facultatieve Group is global market leader in the field of cremation equipment and environmental technology. Since 1913, the Group operates various crematoria and cemeteries. The Group's motto is 'Unity in diversity'. Maximum partnership with our clients, and pursuing the highest quality. That's what 'the Facultatieve Group' stands for!

Posted July 5, 2013


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