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FDLIC Names Addison Templeton as Director of Special Projects

ABILENE, TEXAS – In 2012, Funeral Directors Life Insurance Co., a nationwide funeral insurance company, began a new program to help give young college graduates an opportunity to grow and develop as leaders both personally and professionally. The academy offers promising young leaders the opportunity to participate in a paid internship that takes them through every department of the company.

Addison Templeton, a 2012 Texas A&M graduate with a degree in economics, is the first to complete the 18-month program in which he was called upon to work with all levels of staff to solve problems and increase productivity and efficiency.

“The Leadership Development Academy was established to train young, potential leaders on those things we wish we had known, as leaders, when we were 25 years old,” said Kris Seale, president and CEO of FDLIC. “We would love for every candidate to ultimately work for our family of companies, but that is not the ultimate goal and mission of the LDA. If we are able to give a potential leader an opportunity to develop leadership skills needed for business and for all areas of life, I feel we will have succeeded.”

“Being in this program has taught me that the key to leadership is understanding people, providing direction, and simply taking initiative—leading,” Addison said.

Addison said that the program fills a gap for young graduates who lack real-world experience. “Many colleges just give you book knowledge, but do not bring real-world situations in the classroom,” Addison said. “Most decisions are made through open discussion in the business world, which is different from the typical classroom.” The Leadership Development Academy has helped to launch Addison’s career in many ways. “The LDA has given me the tools and Christian leadership principles that are pivotal for my future growth and development. The LDA has acted as a catalyst for my growth as a leader. I am very thankful for this program and what it has done for me personally, professionally, and spiritually. I look forward to what the future holds both on an individual level as I go out and apply what I have learned, and for the program itself,” Addison said.

Seale, who developed the internship program, has officially offered Addison a position in the company following his successful completion of the program.

“As the first graduate of our Leadership Development Academy, Addison has distinguished himself as a man of character,” Seale said. “He has demonstrated a willingness to learn and grow that is uncommon. When I developed the Leadership Development Academy, I had in mind someone just like Addison. He has been eager to get involved in every area of our company, and he has done so with a servant's heart. The one thing that sets Addison apart is his desire to help others. His ability to bring people together and solve problems is the reason that I offered, and he accepted, a new position I created for him - director of special projects. I look forward to watching Addison continue his growth and development for years to come within our organization.”

Posted Sept. 25


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