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New England Burials at Sea Featured in Showtime Six-Part Documentary Series

MARSHFIELD, MASS.New England Burial at Sea will be featured in the new Showtime six-part documentary series “Time of Death,” which will premiere Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and run for six consecutive weeks.

This new documentary series was created by Showtime executive producers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of the Magical Elves production team to spotlight, “Remarkable People Facing the End Stage of Life.”

Time of Death offers an unflinching, intimate look at people facing their own mortality. Cameras follow these individuals as they live out the end of their lives, supported by family, friends and dedicated healthcare and hospice workers who gently guide the process. This documentary series provides a tangible, hopeful reminder of the finite nature of life on earth. The people featured in this documentary include a single mother of three with Stage IV breast cancer; a grandmother with inoperable pancreatic cancer who is also a psychotherapist who specializes in the field of death and dying; a veteran with a rare cancer facing the end with his parents beside him; and a young woman with Stage IV melanoma, among other profiles.

Captain Brad White, founder of New England Burial at Sea, said, “We were proud and honored to be of service to US Navy decorated veteran Michael John Muth (1965 – 2012) who served in the US Navy from 1983 to 1995 and aboard the USS Merrill in San Diego.

Captain White added, “Michael was a proud Navy man who was diagnosed with a rare one in eight million form of cancer that has taken the lives of only 18 people in the last 30 years in the USA. Brave Michael chose to publicly share his intimate family life from diagnosis to the end with his death at 47 years of age which was chronicled by Showtime, who also filmed his burial at sea during a stormy day.”

New England Burials at Sea was selected by Michael's mom to perform the full naval military honor burial at sea service that was conducted June 7, 2013, three miles east of Ocean City, Md.

In addition, “The Muth family was remarkably open and frank about the entire final chapter of Michael’s life and that alone will create incredibly compelling footage in this documentary,” Captain White said.


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