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Funeral Protectors Supports Local Animal Shelter

EDGEWOOD, Ky. – Funeral Profit Protectors is supporting the stray and abandoned cats and dogs at the Kenton County, Kentucky Animal Shelter.

In a Saturday ceremony in March, Funeral Profit Protectors founder, CEO & President Christopher Kuhnen presented a check in the amount of $225 to shelter volunteers.

“As a funeral consulting company we’re pet-friendly and people-friendly, and many of our client funeral homes employ the services of grief therapy dog,” Kuhnen said. “Like more than 75 percent of Kenton County, Kentucky households, my wife, Paula and I love our pets, and so we’re happy to support the amazing work done by the staff and volunteers at the local shelter.”

Kuhnen was asked how and why his company made the decision to donate. He said, “Millions of healthy, adoptable, but homeless pets are euthanized each year in this country. The economic downturn of 2008 and subsequent slow recovery have added to this crisis. Those dedicated to improving the plight of homeless and abused pets are often overworked with barely enough financial resources to care for the animals.”

He added, “During our February client brainstorming retreat, the idea was put forth to do something to support the valuable work of funeral home grief therapy dogs and cats around the nation. What better way than to support stray and abandoned animals that are yearning to share their love with those who are hurting. The decision was made to donate $1 for every “LIKE” the Funeral Profit Protectors Facebook page received during the month of March. That quickly translated into 225 “LIKES” and the rest is history.”

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