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Troubleshooting Legal Problems at Funeral Homes and Cemeteries

Chris Farmer


Webinar: Troubleshooting Legal Problems at Funeral Homes and Cemeteries
Take an important step to protect your businesses with an expert who helps you troubleshoot legal problems.

Chris Farmer, former general counsel for the Cremation Association of North America, provides proven ways to avoid problems that can cost you big money.

“Whether it be a trip and fall case at a cemetery or a botched cremation at a funeral home, families can sue you,” Farmer warns. “Sadly, I’ve seen some firms be seriously hurt or even go out of business after large verdicts that could have been minimized or avoided altogether.”

With this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to minimize legal costs
  • How to decide when to settle
  • How to learn from mistakes
  • How to set insurance coverage
  • And much more!
This webinar includes the audio from the webinar as well as Farmer's slideshow presentation that you can follow along with as you listen or print out for easy reference.

Price: $99

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