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Aftercare That Works!

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Aftercare that Works

If you think serving families stops after a cremation or funeral service, think again. As studies prove, a good aftercare program comforts the family and also builds a continuum of care that allows funeral homes to serve future generations. Learn how to boost market share, establish goodwill and show your commitment to the families you serve with simple, proven strategies.


Dan Isard, founder of the Foresight Companies in Phoenix.

Beverly Brown, the community care director for Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services and Highland Memorial Park, which has several locations throughout Florida.


  • Strategies to build your brand in the community
  • Ways to use aftercare to boost market share
  • Tips on building successful events
  • Advice on working with third-party vendors
  • Six types of aftercare programs you can start using now
  • And much more!
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