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The Funeral Director's Guide to Alkaline Hydrolysis

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The Funeral Director's Guide to Alkaline Hydrolysis
serves as a starting point for death-care professionals who want to know more about alkaline hydrolysis.

The topic of alkaline hydrolysis took on even greater urgency when Jeff Edwards with Edwards Funeral Service in Columbus, Ohio, became the first funeral director to offer this option to families from a funeral home. While Edwards’s actions created a storm of controversy within the profession, the legal landscape and terminology surrounding alkaline hydrolysis is still largely unsettled. Find out the latest information on the topic in this guide, which includes:

  • Details on the history of alkaline hydrolysis.
  • Information about various manufacturers.
  • Perspectives on how this form of disposition should be classified, regulated and marketed.
  • Insights on legal questions tied to alkaline hydrolysis.
  • Data on the environmental benefits of alkaline hydrolysis.

You’ll also find information from our own surveys and an article from a religious scholar on how the Catholic Church should view alkaline hydrolysis. It’s all in the guide, which is bursting with information on a topic that death-care professionals want and need to know about now.

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