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What Every Funeral Director And Cemeterian Should Know about Cremation
By Daniel M. Isard

Daniel M. Isard’s latest book on cremation will give you direction on every dynamic of your cremation business to make it more profitable and less prone to lawsuits. This 250-page book covers the history of cremation, North American professional and consumer attitudes on cremation as well as the errors many make in arrangements for cremation families. Throughout this book, Isard educates his readers in all dimensions of the cremation industry.

Whether you own your own crematory or use a crematory vendor, this book will help you run your business better, make more money and protect yourself if you ever find yourself faced with a lawsuit.

In this book, you'll discover:

How to sell cremation merchandise
How to establish prices for cremation consumers
Ways to recognize litigation hazards
What consumers really think
And much, much more!


About the Author: Daniel M. Isard is president of The Foresight Companies, a financial consulting firm to funeral home and cemetery owners throughout North America. Since 1984, he has appraised more than 2000 funeral homes and several hundred cemeteries, including firms that own crematories. He has served as an expert witness for more than 75 legal matters over the past 20 years. He's also the author of The Dealmaker's Guide for Funeral Home Transactions.

Price: $250

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