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2010 Compilation to Funeral Service Insider

The 2010 Compilation of Funeral Service Insider
is bursting with hard-hitting analysis and profit-building strategies to improve business operations. The reference book is almost 400 pages long and indexed so you can easily pinpoint the topics you want to find.

The book includes:

  • Tips on presenting options to families during arrangement conferences.
  • Averages from throughout the year on the selling price of funeral services.
  • Strategies to connect with more families on a limited budget.
  • Information on new competitors from inside and outside funeral service.
  • Ways to boost market share by having an active preneed program.
  • Five keys to succeed during tough economic times.
  • Policies that will help you avoid lawsuits.
  • And much, much more!

You’ll also find our own independent research, including our popular Casket Survey and Compensation Survey. Find out how to negotiate better deals with casket companies in our Casket Survey, and keep your labor costs in line while holding on to top performers with our Compensation Survey.

The book is sponsored exclusively by Homesteaders Life Co., and includes every single issue that our subscribers received in 2010. It’s all yours in one easy-to-navigate reference.

Click here to view the Index.

Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 376 pages
Price: $245
Online Discount Price: $195

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