Kates-Boylston Publications – The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics: 2012 Edition

The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics

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The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics:
2012 Edition

Kates-Boylston's first edition of The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics was so popular, a newly updated 2012 edition is now available. This new guide is filled with brand new material and detailed analysis, which will help funeral professionals improve hiring practices, negotiate better deals from suppliers and much more.

We've compiled data from the Federated Funeral Directors of America latest survey, the Cremation Association of North America's cremation report, our own surveys and insights from top thinkers to help you improve business operations.

This 2012 edition of the profit-building guidebook includes never-before-published articles from leading experts such as Dan Isard, founder of The Foresight Companies; Mayra Ruiz, founder of digital marketing and social media influence practice Ruiz McPherson Communications; Glenn Gould, CEO of MKJ Marketing; and David Nixon, president and partner of Nixon Consulting and Heartland Funeral Solutions, LLC. Also included are Funeral Service Insider's Casket Survey and Compensation Survey, detailed analysis of the 2011 Funeral Directors Survey conducted by Citrin Cooperman & Co. LLP, as well as an assortment of some of our best articles that focus on death-care statistics and trends.

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Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 89 pages
Price: $129
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You'll keep the Statistics Guide for years to come. Discover:

  • The latest analysis of funeral service inflation by Dan Isard, founder and president of The Foresight Companies.
  • A detailed analysis of CANA's 2010 cremation figures, an essential asset for any funeral director who truly wants to understand the effect cremation has had on the profession.
  • Examining "profit vs. cremation rate" in funeral service, and how comparing the two can offer a remarkable view of trends for cutting-edge funeral directors.
  • A breakdown of the 2010 death-care figures from Federated Funeral Directors of America, showing the highs and lows within the industry, as well as tips and suggestions on what you can do to boost your bottom line.
Sponsored by Homesteaders Life Co., the new edition of "The Funeral Director's Guide to Statistics: A Comprehensive Guidebook on How Using Statistics Can Improve Your Profitability" will give you the tools you need to immediately start serving more families.


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